• UNI-Couplings are all manufactured to highest W5 standard. That is not true of all brands.

  • Flex couplings can be used to compensate for the differences in diameter within certain tolerances, depending on the diameter. See the product data sheet for the diameter you need for more information.

  • UNI-Grip couplings do not require additional mounting points.

    When using UNI-Flex or UNI-Rep couplings, one fixing point per coupling has to be installed. However, Flex/Rep couplings have the advantage that they can cope with expansion and contraction (useful with the sort of diurnal ranges an Aussie pipeline might be exposed to) and vibrations (eg from a pump).

  • Yes, it does. With the UNI-C0upling you connect pipes the easy way: better than a threaded connection, quicker than a welded connection, and safer than a flanged connection. The UNI-Coupling has two specific parts making this coupler unique:

    • a patented seal that eliminates the risk of leakage, and
    • a specially shaped anchoring grip ring, which ensures a reliable restraint connection, even with hard pipe material surfaces.
  • Depending on the type and dimension of coupling used, absorption (attenuation) values are 3 – 7 times (approx.) better than those achieved with welded or flanged connections, meaning less likelihood of damage and less noise in the workplace (a win for both productivity and OHS).

  • The clamping ranges of the couplings vary and are indicated on the data sheets. Please see the various product pages. Under certain conditions, pipes with diameters outside these clamping ranges can be connected to each other. The UNI-Coupling clamping ranges are amongst the best, if not the best, on the market. If in doubt, please contact us at KCES on +61 3 9728 3973 for a chat about your specific application.

  • The sealing sleeve is part of the ingenious design of a pipe coupling that enables it to do far more than it looks capable of from the outside. It’s a little piece of engineering magic. The sleeves are made of various types of rubber, depending on the medium flowing through the pipe. In very favourable conditions, sealing sleeves can be expected to last for over 25 years. If re-using the pipe couplings, though, it is advisable to check and replace them as necessary.

  • Yes, they are. But if the maximum operating temperature is exceeded repeatedly or for a longer period of time, the lifespan of the sealing sleeve will be reduced.

  • Yes, they do. However, when a coupling is to be used under vacuum conditions, a strip insert must be used. KCES supplies all pipe couplings with strip inserts as standard.

  • No, they can not. The installation tolerances given are limits that apply to the individual application. If several instances occur simultaneously, the limits must be reduced. If in doubt, please contact KCES on +61 3 9728 3973.

  • No, they can not. UNI-Couplings are amazing products, but even they have their limits!

  • For a pipe diameter of 530mm, about 46 kg. And the UNI-Coupling is cheaper. AND it only takes a few minutes to install versus, say, 2 hours. Any further questions??

  • Yes, it is. The sealing sleeve is manufactured in the same way as a Flex sealing sleeve, and is then cut. Thus the cut edges match perfectly and are 100% leak-proof. UNI-Couplings are manufactured entirely in-house so quality control is guaranteed.

  • No. The bolts do not require to be re-tightened. UNI-Couplings are completely maintenance free, so they are ideal:

    • for remote or underground applications,
    • for pipe joints that are difficult to access once they have been installed, or
    • where access may become difficult or expensive after a project is completed.

    Of course, if you wanted to, you could remove and reuse them, for example if you needed to modify or expand your pipeline, or add in some new gizmo to gain access to test or measure. That’s why we say pipe couplings are the way to future-proof your pipeline.

    Just remember that you should check and possibly replace the sealing sleeves, though, depending on the time that has passed since the coupling was first installed and the conditions it has been subjected to.

  • No, they do not have to be specially prepared. You only need to remove dirt, rust or vestiges of paint, and debur, if necessary. This is another of the great advantages of pipe couplings over, say, grooved or shouldered joints – no need to weld or groove.

  • UNI-Couplings offers a full replacement warranty for 2 years, but it would be reasonable to expect a significantly longer lifespan in favourable conditions. Some couplings using similar technology have been in use since 1974.

  • The strip insert protects the sealing sleeve:

    • under vacuum conditions
    • where there are large gaps between pipe ends
    • by stopping the rubber from expanding
    • where there is axial displacement or misalignment, or
    • if there is excess external pressure.

    As part of its customer service, KCES only provides couplings with strip inserts already installed as this is better for Australian conditions.

  • The sealing lip flexes, thereby taking up any axial movement of the pipe. Because of the specific shape of the sealing lip the coupling can compensate for a certain amount of axial change in pipe length without friction occurring between the surface of the pipe and the rubber. As a result, the movement can be absorbed as often as required.

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