Industry / Mining

UNI-Coupling Pipe Couplings can be used in many aspects of industry and mining such as:

  • Cooling lines
  • Lubrication lines
  • Utility lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Penstock lines
  • Turbine lines
  • Water lines
  • Gas lines
  • Wells
  • Hydrant lines
  • Tank lines
  • Sludge lines
  • Drainage lines
  • Chemical lines
  • Airation lines

Please see below a list of the variety of applications for pipe couplings where pipes need to be securely, conveniently, reliably and cost-effectively joined.


Car Manufacturing
Meat Processing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Aluminium Extrusion
Chemical & Biotech (Pneumatic Mail System)



KCES has supplied pipe couplings extensively to the mining industry for use in a variety of applications and circumstances across Australia and New Zealand.



More cost-effective than welding, one of the main advantages of UNI-Coupling Pipe Couplings is their ease and speed of use. This means a short downtime for repair, construction and maintenance of existing and operating plants, machinery and premises. In addition, only standard equipment is required to install UNI-Coupling Pipe Couplings.

They can also:

  • compensate for movement, such as due to thermal expansion and contraction (Flex and Open-Flex types only)
  • cope with differing pipe materials
  • assist in corrosion management
  • allow for gaps between pipe ends
  • be used without having to prepare pipe ends, and
  • compensate for pipe misalignment and angular deflection (differing pipe-end angles).


Where there’s a pipeline, there’s a pipe coupling to suit!


UNI-Coupling pipe couplings are used in a wide variety of situations, industries and plants, such as:
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