Water Supply and Waste Water

UNI-Coupling Pipe Couplings are used around the world in many applications in the water supply and water pipeline industry.

One of the advantages of UNI-Couplings is that they can enable pipes to be securely and compactly joined in confined spaces. This makes life easy when retro-fitting or modifying pipelines, as well as in original installations where space is at a premium, such as in the urban environment.

More cost-effective than welding, one of the main advantages of UNI-Couplings is their ease and speed of use. This means a short downtime for repair, construction and maintenance of existing and operating plants, machinery and premises. This is particularly important in the water supply business as it enables critical infrastructure to be efficiently and speedily constructed or repaired in a much shorter period of time. This ensures that the water supply (or road traffic on shared infrastructure) is only briefly interrupted.

In addition, only standard equipment and minimal training is required to install UNI-Couplings.
Other operational advantages of UNI-Coupling include that they can also:

  • compensate for movement, such as due to thermal expansion and contraction (Flex and Open-Flex types only)
  • cope with differing pipe materials
  • assist in corrosion management
  • allow for gaps between pipe ends
  • be used without having to prepare pipe ends, and
  • compensate for pipe misalignment and angular deflection (differing pipe-end angles).

Examples of where UNI-Couplings are the ideal pipe connection in the water & waste-water industry include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Reservoir
  • Main Water Supply
  • Flow Meter
  • Pumping Station
  • Water Works (Filtration)
  • Freshwater Pipeline

UNI-Coupling Pipe Couplings have approvals for the following specific applications:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Process water
  • Cooling water
  • Rinse water
  • Emergency showers
  • Extinguishing lines
  • Tank storage
  • Sprinkler lines
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater


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