Straub Flex

The Flex is a range of axially flexible pipe couplings suitable for all pipe materials.

The multifunctional, axially flexible pipe coupling for all pipe materials. For water supply, sewage treatment, mining, industrial plants, power plants and shipbuilding. FLEX absorbs noise, vibrations, and small amounts of expansion and contraction.

Axially flexible pipe coupling for pipes of all materials  

  • Diameter 48.3 to 168.3 mm
  • SS 316Ti or SS 316L
  • EPDM, NBR and FPM/FKM sealing sleeves
  • compensates axial movements up to 5 mm
  • additional fixpoints and/or anchor points necessary

STRAUB-FLEX 1L ø 48.3 - 168.3 mm

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Flex 1 Data SheetFlex 1 Data Sheet

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