Straub Metal Grip

METAL GRIP ø 30.0 – 219.1 mm and ø 180.0 – 609.6 mm

The Metal Grip is the ultimate pull-out resistant (axial restraint) pipe coupling for all plain-ended metal pipes, for outstanding performance in applications of higher pressures and temperatures.

Grip-type couplings are used to join pipes that are not anchored by other means.

Pull-out resistant (axial restraint) pipe coupling for all metal pipes to meet the highest standards

  • Diameter 30.0 to 609.6 mm
  • SS 304 or galvanised steel
  • EPDM and NBR sealing sleeves
  • IACS Tested and Approved
Straub Metal GripStraub Metal Grip

Click on the link below for full specifications and further details and options.

Metal Grip Data SheetMetal Grip Data Sheet

Note: The  METAL GRIP is also available in the GT-version.

Metal Grip GT Data SheetMetal Grip GT Data Sheet

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