Rep 2S 213-223 W5 WP16 NBR

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UNI-Rep couplings are non-restraint repair couplings. They are used to connect and/or seal damaged metal and plastic pipes. Featuring “cut flanges” on the underside of the fitting, this type of coupling can be easily pulled around a leaking pipe to seal a fracture. Once wrapped around the pipe, the fitter then goes about installing the coupling in the same manner as any other UNI-Coupling model. They enable repairs to be carried out easily, quickly and safely without the need to dismantle the pipes.

Weight 6.6 kg
Working Pressure Bar


Casing Material

ss 316Ti

Bolt Material

ss 316

Gasket Material


Strip Insert Material

Number of Bolts/Size

4 x M12

Allen Head Drive Size (mm)


OD Range (mm)




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